DURO-CN-5029 | Duro Translation Corner Nail Nippers 14 cm

Duro translation corner nail pliers 14 cm is especially suitable for thick and deep ingrown feet and fingernails.the serrated handles provide a secure grip when working. Translation corner pliers available in 14 cm and 16 cm, pointed cutting edge with pelvises (halves), i.e. one half of the pliers penetrates the other in the joint (trade). Therefore the pliers are very stable and a precise cutting of the nails is no problem. Especially harder nails such as toenails can be easily cut with these pliers, thanks to the transmission spring technology. Stainless steel instrument: The use of stainless steel ensures not only minimal wear and tear but also Duro, durable cutting properties. Stainless steel instruments are nickel-free, anti-allergic and sterilizable. Suitable for the highest professional demands.